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Learn Programming With Geeks – An Ultimate Guide

So you’ve finally decided to get your hands dirty with the programming, Welcome On-Board!

We’re geeks who’ll help the newbie geek (or intermediate/advanced geeks too), i.e., you, to get to the peak of programming to reach your goal through programming. We’ll make sure you get consistent programming support here (for real) as we’ll be introducing more features than just Programming! Let me reveal some of the features we’ll be providing on GeekonPeak to give you a better reason to learn with us and click on GeekonPeak only from the very beginning.


  1. You’ll be a Geek from Day 1, which will be awesome.
  2. Simple, Easy, Sorted, and sophisticated tutorials, so you’ll not be stuck in between.
  3. Some words, blogs, and topics could be troublesome to newbies. Am I challenging to read? Are you getting bored or sleepy while reading this blog? Our tutorials shall be as easy as this. And we’ll integrate a dictionary within tutorials, so you don’t have to run it anywhere (in the future).
  4. We’ll be setting up a dedicated QnA Team to Answer your doubts within 24 hours. Geeks and even your fella-mates can help you before Geeks show up; therefore, single problem multi-solution.
  5. Sneak into the top Geeky tips and tricks to learn like a Geek from the very beginning, not like a student. Think like a Geek, code like a Geek. Instead of concepts, use your brain like a Geek, for example. So you can easily apply concept A and concept B to reach the destination instead of applying concept C (afterward, you can use it). Therefore you can have a lifelong worth learning.

So here we’re with some features and reasons to join the Geeky Adventure. But most of you must be wondering that features are okay, but Is this course free? ( Read the full answer)

Actually, No, obviously not. Why would we “the geeks” will work so hard to make our tutorials accessible and to make you learn for free.

You need to Pay!

  • Your dedication
  • Your seriousness
  • Your consistency
  • Your support
  • Your following
  • Your network (for sharing)

If you pay for these, you’ll be a great programmer by the end of the programming course you start (Python/C++/Java, etc.)

Otherwise, visitors are already there to peek and drag the best material into their knowledge.

So with all that perks and dedication, our geeks are beginning with two new programming courses for you from the 5th May 2022 onwards.


  • Get Set Python: If you are a newbie and want a comfortable level to begin with, easy concepts to grasp and apply the ability to create new and effective projects quickly. Then it’s for you, simply: Get Set Python.
  • Learn Programming With C++: If you’ve already learned a language, have some idea about programming, and want to continue learning with solid and industry-leading knowledge. That’s it. C++ is for you.

Both courses will begin from scratch so that newbies can join them. Still, we’ll suggest newbies go with Python first as it’s easy to understand and play. Concepts are very similar to C++, so that you can learn C++ at a double or triple pace after Python. Python is still a strong language used to develop the most hacking scripts and valuable programs.

Make sure not to make the mistake of Getting your Feet into two boats together, as you’ll end up getting your head thrashed, and you’ll end up learning nothing.

Decided to come over and join the journey? Wise choice, Welcome to GeekonPeak :-). More information about the courses will be published soon in each course’s announcement blogs. Stay tuned through our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Linkedin handles to get the latest updates (even faster than the brain of “Chacha Chaudhary”). Let’s get started on 5th May 2022.

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