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Bitwise Operator in C++

Bitwise Operator is related to binary numbers, so before starting with this type of operator, let's know something about binary numbers. Binary numbers are a combination of 0's and 1's, which makes the low-level language, or in simpler terms, a language that a computer can understand but not us humans. Since we know about binary numbers, let us…

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Equality Operator in C++

You might have come around two types of people in your life till now. One always talks about equality and the other who thinks that not everyone is equal in whatever manner. Since C++ is also not so much different from our real-life scenarios, the two operators like the thinking exist. These come under the…

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Statements in C++

In c++, we all have written many programs till now. But do you know that each part of that program separately makes a specific type of statement, which collectively comes under the header of Statements. Now, let us dive into learning about this part of the ocean. What are Statements in C++? A statement is…

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Constants in C++

At one time, all of us were tired of maths, but it has some fundamental concepts still in use, and everyone might know about it: Constants. Like in our life, we have some constants, i.e., whose place no one can take or which can not be changed, and in mathematical terms, its value can not…

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Identifiers in C++

Identifiers in C++ are a way of naming things. They are names for variables, functions, classes, and more. The number of unique identifiers is essential because it limits the scope of a variable, for example. Identifiers follow specific rules and provide some protection from mistakes. In the previous blog, "keywords in c++," we studied the…

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Namespace Directives in C++

A namespace is a group of related terms, classes, or attributes that exist within your project. Usually, namespaces have some sort of contextual relevance that influences their structure. When we start writing any program, we add a pre-processor directive, but it does not end here. Our basics for writing a code include much more than…

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Preprocessor Directives in C++

The compilation is an important phase of the software development cycle. The compilation is not a short task to perform and has many stages. The first stage is called preprocessing. The Preprocessor of the C++ programming language is a computer program and code used to perform different types of tasks before compiling the source code.…

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Data Type Modifiers in C++

As we know, data types are essential to declare a variable in our program, but isn't the efficiency of our program important? Don't you think so? The answer is "Yes, it is"; hence, in C++, an introduction to data type modifiers is crucial. Let's understand the Modifiers in C++ to get the answer "what are…

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