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Escape Sequence in C++

In this blog, we will study the purpose of escape sequence in C++ programming language with the help of examples to implement them and their types and uses. Escape Sequence Escape sequences in C++ are character combinations that comprise a backslash (\) followed by some character or symbol. They give results such as getting to…

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Relational Operator in C++

In this blog, we will see the definition of relational operators, types of relational operators, and a detailed explanation of each; if you hadn’t checked the previous blog on operators so, check now and add some precious knowledge to the library of your smart brain. Let’s go What is the relational operator in c++? A relational operator checks the relationship between…

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Unary Operators in C++

In this blog, we will see the definition of unary operators in C++, types of unary, and a detailed explanation of each; if you haven't checked the previous blog on operators, check now and add some precious knowledge to the library of your smart brain. Let's go. What is a Unary operator? Unary operators are…

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Operators in C++

Operators are the core concepts of any programming language as none of the programming languages can proceed and even exist without the concept of operators. In real life, if we take an example, explaining the Operators in C++ is like we are cooking spicy food. Still, without the spices, we can’t cook delicious food; it’s…

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Input-Output in C++

In this blog, we will learn to use the standard cout object to display output to the user and the standard cin object to take input from the user, with the help of examples. Let's start with the header files to gain more understanding of cout and cin. Header files C++ header files are the standard interface for various…

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Main Function in C++

In C++, the main() function is a very important function. It is responsible for starting a program, controlling the flow through the program, and providing a place in the program for error reporting. What is Main() Function? The main() function is the central entry point to a C++ program. It has two main jobs. First,…

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Keywords in C++

Keywords in C++ are the collection of reserved words and predefined identifiers. These are written in lower cases and have a special meaning defined by the compiler. There are 95 keywords in the C++ programming language, of which around 30 are unavailable in the C language. These are always used for a particular purpose in a program,…

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