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Main Function in C++

In C++, the main() function is a very important function. It is responsible for starting a program, controlling the flow through the program, and providing a place in the program for error reporting.

What is Main() Function?

The main() function is the central entry point to a C++ program. It has two main jobs. First, it starts up the program’s execution and handles basic setup. Second, it provides a place to put functions that perform I/O or manage memory, handling any programs that will run simultaneously. The following is an example of what would go in the main():


return_type main(){

//function body



int main(){

//function body

return 0 ;
The most preferred way is using int main().

In above example

  • int main(): int is the preserved keyword here, and int main() is an entry point for a program to be executed. It is intended to be used by the operating system when creating a new process or launching an existing process. Using int in front of the main function means it will return some value as “return 0” at the end of the program. 0 is the standard for the “successful execution of the program.”
  • function body: In the function body, we write the program we want to execute here and can call the function located outside the main functions here.
  • return 0: When a return 0 statement is encountered, the program will exit. A function-entry statement can follow an end-of-function statement. In return 0, 0 is the standard for the “successful execution of the program.”


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