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Learn C++ – The Introductory Guide For Beginners

C with classes later renamed C++ is an efficient and one of the most popular languages in programming. It’s been a trend to learn C++ since the mid-’80s and early ’90s in the comp-tech field. Everybody knows it, but let me still give you the explanation for the newbies (Hey! Newbies 🙂 ) in here.

What’s The C++?

C++ is the programming language developed by Bjarne Stroustrup in the early-mid ’80s to show he’s cool. LOL Actually, he’s smart enough to take the C Lang to the next level by adding something called “Objects and Classes.” to establish the concepts of OOPS. It was his primary motive, and besides that, he made various nice changes in C++ that made it easier to learn.

Don’t Panic; stay calm! That’s enough, for now, to know about C++; as we progress in the course, we’ll get familiar with all these advanced and techy terms you don’t know.

Basic “Must Know” Facts for Introduction in C++:

  • C++ is one of the early languages to implement the concepts of objects and classes back then in 1980s
  • C++ was one of the major languages to introduce OOPS in the programming field. It inherited its OOPS feature from the “SIMULA67” programming language.
  • C++ is the most used dialect of the C language, especially in game development, Operating Systems, Compilers, etc.
  • C++ allows one to have optimal control over the computer resources, which is another reason it is the most famous language in the programming field.
  • C++ has various versions that have improved features and fixes, slightly differ in Syntax as it’s been constantly developing since 1985. Nowadays, the most used versions of C++ are C++11 and C++14, and the newer versions are C++17 and C++20. As per their convenience, the industries are migrating slowly to the more recent versions.

Why C++?

Because by learning C++, you can outstand in front of your friends and try to look geeky and cool (which you obviously are), jokes apart. Here are some of the reasons for learning C++

  • C++ is fast and secure as compared to other languages
  • C++ is heavily used in the industry, and undoubtedly, it’s one of the most famous languages
  • C++ comes with advanced concepts such as OOPS, exception handling, Data Structure Algorithms
  • C++ allows optimal control over resources
  • C++ is also used in competitive programming, so you’ll be one of the most efficient programmers.

First Program in C++

It looks like you’ve got a lot of knowledge about C++, but many of you must be thinking about who’s interested in the theory part; the real fun’s in the practicals. Oh Yeah! That’s true so let’s get started with your very first code in C++.

As it’s your very first code in C++, don’t get panic as you’re not familiar with anything. It’s just the demo code later, we’ll teach you everything topic-wise, but it’s just a kickstart.

Just Go To Online GDB ( and choose the language as C++. Clear the demo code and start typing the code below to gain confidence.

Note: Instead of copying, please consider typing on your own to boost confidence and willingness to learn, and initialize your first step into the programming or C++ world.

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main(){
    cout<<"Hello World!";
    return 0;


So you’ve successfully programmed your very first code of C++ (at least I hope you had), and it’s a great start. Keep going, and you could be the next one to hack NASA 😉 You’ve successfully got into C++, and that’s nice of you. I hope you liked the Introductory class and you had fun.

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