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Escape Sequence in C++

In this blog, we will study the purpose of escape sequence in C++ programming language with the help of examples to implement them and their types and uses. Escape Sequence Escape sequences in C++ are character combinations that comprise a backslash (\) followed by some character or symbol. They give results such as getting to…

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Bitwise Operator in C++

Bitwise Operator is related to binary numbers, so before starting with this type of operator, let's know something about binary numbers. Binary numbers are a combination of 0's and 1's, which makes the low-level language, or in simpler terms, a language that a computer can understand but not us humans. Since we know about binary numbers, let us…

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Logical Operator in C++

Programming is truly the field of testing your skills and teasing your brain. The deeper you'll go into programming, the more you realize that programming's all about applying logic, developing interesting algorithms, teasing your mind by encountering new challenges and situations, and gaining next-level confidence by overcoming them and getting a robust solution. Logic is…

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Unary Operators in C++

In this blog, we will see the definition of unary operators in C++, types of unary, and a detailed explanation of each; if you haven't checked the previous blog on operators, check now and add some precious knowledge to the library of your smart brain. Let's go. What is a Unary operator? Unary operators are…

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Arithmetic Operator in C++

Arithmetic operators are one of the most basic and used operators anywhere in the program in the programming journey, irrespective of the language. They are used to perform arithmetic operations within the programming language. Arithmetic operators are simply the mathematical operations performed using the programming language to implement in our code. They are binary as…

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Input-Output in C++

In this blog, we will learn to use the standard cout object to display output to the user and the standard cin object to take input from the user, with the help of examples. Let's start with the header files to gain more understanding of cout and cin. Header files C++ header files are the standard interface for various…

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Constants in C++

At one time, all of us were tired of maths, but it has some fundamental concepts still in use, and everyone might know about it: Constants. Like in our life, we have some constants, i.e., whose place no one can take or which can not be changed, and in mathematical terms, its value can not…

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